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Charcoal grill Unagi Kabayaki Uoi

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Company Profile

Making our customers happy with Uoi’s safe and excellent Unagi

We believe that most people are not really fussy about food. If the customer finds the eel or any kind of vegetable is safe and cooked properly, we believe that customer will enjoy it. There might be a possibility of people who have likes and dislikes have had a bad first impression of a particular food because it was not cooked properly. Some of our customers didn’t like eel until they tried our eel, and turned out to be eel as one of their favorite food. This sort of feedbacks make us very happy, but also a little disappointed finding out the fact that there are still many people who have never experienced the taste of good Unagi.

代表取締役社長 半田 廣行

It is our joy to serve the best eels by selecting, preparing , and grilling the finest eels, as we always have been doing. We will strive ourselves by maintaining and gaining professional skills to continue serve the safe and delicious food for our customers.

Handa Hiroyuki, President and Chief Executive Officer

Company Profile

Company Name Uoi Co., Ltd.
Representative Hiroyuki Handa, President
Head Office 4-8-10 Takadono Asahiku, Osaka ZIP535-0031    Google Map
Phone +81-6-6951-4450
FAX 06-6951-2179
Founded 1867 (3rd year of Keio era)
Established April 1, 1976(Uoi Shoten Co.,Ltd. established in August 10,1968)
Capital 40,000,000 JPY
  1. FY 10 1,770,510,000 JPY
  2. FY 11 2,015,760,000 JPY
  3. FY 12 2,294,110,000 JPY
  4. FY 13 1,994,570,000 JPY
  5. FY 14 2,291,800,000 JPY
Number of employees 35 (Part-time workers 60)
Main Business Wholesaler and seller for live and cooked eel, restaurant business
Company Outline
Opened a shop inside the Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market Honjo
Opened a shop in Hankyu Department Store, Umeda
Opened the main restaurant in Takadono
July, 2003
Oped a second restaurant in Tengo
May, 2004
Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market Honjo shop closed
October, 2004
Opened a shop Hankyu, Sakai Kitahanada
November, 2004
Opened a shop in Daimaru Department Store, Hakata
April, 2007
Merged and Acquired Uoi Shoten
May, 2009
Opened a shop in Hanshin Department Store, Umeda
October, 2009
Opened a shop in Hanshin Department Store, Amagasaki
October, 2009
Opened a shop in Takashimaya Department Store, Osaka
October, 2009
Opened a shop in Hankyu Department Store, Umeda
September, 2013
Hanshin Department Store, Amagasaki Shop Closed
July, 2017
Hankyu Department Store, Sakai Kitahanada Shop Closed
Main Distributing Stores
  • Hankyu Hanshin Department Store
  • Takashimaya Department Store
  • Shokuryu
  • Daikin
  • Chikuyotei
  • The Ritz Carlton Osaka
  • Other high class / luxury hotel restaurants throughout Japan
Main Banks
  • Risona Bank Miyakojima Branch
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Tenroku Branch
  • Osaka City Shinkin Bank Sekime Branch
Affiliated Company Handa Co., Ltd.
Charcoal grill Unagi Kabayaki of Uoi

Long established shop Uoi, serving excellent Unagi in Osaka

The Unagi specialty store “UOI” serves Kansai style charcoal grilled eel located in Takadono and Tengo, Osaka. Uoi has been serving Bincho charcoal grilled Unagi since it was founded in 1867, 3rd year of the Keio era. The fresh eels are split opened, skewered, and Bincho charcoal deeply grilled by our dedicated chefs, with golden brown crispy color and savory aroma features.

We hope you enjoy Uoi’s “crispy outside, juicy inside” original taste cooked by our dedicated chefs with inherited “traditional taste produced by excellent skills”. You may also order our gifts online.