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Charcoal grill Unagi Kabayaki Uoi

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Shop Locations

The second restaurant is located in Tengo, Osaka. The restaurant serves not only Unajyu (traditional bowls), but also specialty dishes such as the Uazaku (marinated eel and cucumbers), Kimoyaki (grilled eel liver) , Umaki (Japanese style omelette wrapped eel ) and other dishes to match your favorite sake. We also have a take-out booth with a giant eel sign for customers who would like to enjoy our Unagi at home.

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5-5-5 Tenjinbashi Kitaku, Osaka
Open Hours
※For here
(Last call / orders 21:00)
※To go
Open Everyday
5 minute on foot from JR Tenma Station, 7 min. walk from Osaka Subway Tanimachi Line Tenjinbashisuji 6 Chome Station
Charcoal grill Unagi Kabayaki of Uoi

Long established shop Uoi, serving excellent Unagi in Osaka

The Unagi specialty store “UOI” serves Kansai style charcoal grilled eel located in Takadono and Tengo, Osaka. Uoi has been serving Bincho charcoal grilled Unagi since it was founded in 1867, 3rd year of the Keio era. The fresh eels are split opened, skewered, and Bincho charcoal deeply grilled by our dedicated chefs, with golden brown crispy color and savory aroma features.

We hope you enjoy Uoi’s “crispy outside, juicy inside” original taste cooked by our dedicated chefs with inherited “traditional taste produced by excellent skills”. You may also order our gifts online.